Talkback 2013

8 rich, brave and imaginative new plays

December 2013


Readings of rich, brave and imaginative new plays by some of the freshest and most original voices in new theatre writing. Talkback Readings was the culmination of Kali’s 2013 Writer Development Programme.

Written By Jessy

7 December 2013

Writer: Tasbir Malle

Nice, well behaved Indian girls don’t do boys or prancing around to 80’s music and they certainly don’t write voyeuristic plays about their neighbour’s night time antics. Or do they?


Monday 9 December

Writer: Arvind Thandi

From suburban Birmingham to scandalous Soho, Kiran is on a queer journey of discovery as she is thrust into politics, arts and indie music in this sensuous new drama.

To Forget And Forget

Tuesday 10 December

Writer: Neelam Parmar

The Brahmin’s are coming to dinner. Vinati desperately wants to show she’s the mother of a perfect home, but even she can’t gloss over her family’s imperfections. A play about guilt, addiction and the desperate need to forget life’s bad bits.


Tuesday 10 December

Writer: Mediah Ahmad

Ali and Samra are married. Ali loves Samra. But Samra cannot stand the sight of Ali or let him anywhere near her. How can she live with the man she was forced to marry after he raped her, let alone love him?


Wednesday 11 December


Four new mothers are thrown together in a neo-natal unit where they provoke, challenge and ultimately support one another in this surreal, testing and tender play.

My Homemade Kite

Wednesday 11 December

Writer: Sita Monroe

What makes you an asylum seeker? Over a night counting tins of tuna in a petrol station with her work colleague Joe, Krishnaveni finally opens up about what she was running away from.

Cornelia Calling

Friday 13 December

Writer: Jocelyn Watson

The first woman to study law at Oxford University was Indian, Cornelia Sorabji. This revealing play explores this fascinating, highly independent and unpredictable character and her contradictory views on women’s rights, Gandhi and Indian nationalism.

The Attic

Saturday 14 December

Writer: Rubin Din

What would you do if your mother married you off to someone who’s not even on the same continent without telling your matchmaking father and then locked you in the attic? This surreal comedy shows what can happen when a mother is rejected by those she loves.

Date and Venue Info

7 – 14 December 7.30pm

Tristan Bates Theatre
1A Tower St  London WC2H 9NP

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