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Endless Light

Endless Light by Sayan Kent - directed by Elizabeth Freestone for Kali Theatre Company - Southwark Playhouse - 17 January 2012


We present ground breaking new theatre by women writers of South Asian descent.
For over 30 years we’ve won rave reviews, sell-out performances and inspired audiences across the UK with contemporary, thought-provoking plays that reflect and comment
on our lives today.
Kali is an Arts Council funded NPO

‘An ambitious black comedy which thrives in its darker moments…’

The Independent on Ready Or Not

‘Kali’s work is essential to writers whose voices would otherwise remain unheard.’

Recent Kali Writer

‘Another challenging and thought provoking work from Kali Theatre’

Asianculturevultue.com on The Husbands

‘the most enjoyably inventive piece of theatre
I’ve seen this year’

The Guardian on Behna

‘A work of significance and spirited potency, a deep and intelligent examination of people and themes too rarely presented on stage by the always exciting and risk-taking Kali Theatre’

Spy in the Stalls on Homing Birds

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