Calcutta Kosher

by Shelley Silas

February 2004

Southwark Playhouse

A co-production with Tara Arts.

Two sisters return to the crumbling Calcutta home of their childhood. When family secrets are revealed, the women are forced to re-examine their relationship with their mother and the reality of their own lives in the light of a hidden past.

Set in the little known Indian Jewish community of Calcutta, this funny and moving play explored conflicts between old and new, east and west, tradition and truth.  Award-winning writer Shelley Silas examined how family and culture, time and distance influence our sense of who we are.

Writer Shelley Silas

Shelley’s theatre plays: EATING ICE CREAM ON GAZA BEACH (NYT/Soho Theatre), FALLING (The Bush), CALCUTTA KOSHER (Southwark Playhouse, Theatre Royal Stratford East, Arcola), MERCY FINE (Clean Break). Radio plays include THE TRIAL OF THE WELL OF LONELINESS, two series in Val McDermid’s comedy crime DEAD series, and award winning I AM EMMA HUMPHREYS s well as several book adaptations. She is currently under commission to […]

About the writer
About the play

Fine performances in Janet Steel’s moving production… There’s plenty of humour too…. and emotional intensity.

Time Out

An elegiac hymn to a disappearing world. Its emphasis on reconciliation and harmony also lends it as an unusual sweetness of temper… strongly defined performances…

The Guardian

Southwark Playhouse

5 Playhouse Court

62 Southward Bridge Road

February 4 – 28, 7.30pm

Cast | Creatives | Crew

Cast and Crew

Seema Bowri, Shelley King, Jamila Massey, Richard Santhiri, Harvey Virdi
Janet Steel
Magdalen Rubalcava
Sayan Kent
Flick Ansell
Assistant Director
Sonja Appel
Stage Manager
Nicola Burton

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