Singh Tangos

by Bettina Gracias

April 2002

Riverside Studios, Derby Playhouse, Leicester Haymarker & UK Tour

A sparkling comedy with a delicious touch of irony set in the eighties.

Mrs Singh has discovered the liberating effect of dancing. Her son Tej disapproves of this ‘low life activity’. He is obsessed with becoming a doctor and cutting things up. Her daughter Cassie hates the idea of her parents’ liberation and demands an arranged marriage. Mr. Singh, who induced his wife’s new passion for dance to help her integrate, is now weary of her enthusiasm and desperate to find a way out of a local dance competition. He conspires with Tej and fakes an illness. Depressed, Mrs Singh persuades her son to dance with her instead. In a final attempt to retain respectability Mr. Singh tries to move the whole family back to India; an idea greeted with horror by everyone. After many twists and turns the play ends with Mr and Mrs Singh winning the dance competition and Cassie managing to arrange her own marriage.

Writer Bettina Gracias

Bettina has had 11 radio plays produced for BBC Radio 4, two theatre plays, Singh Tangos and Gandhi & Coconuts produced by Kali Theatre, an operatic monologue It’s Ten pm and They’re Late produced by Tete a Tete at Riverside Studios and a one-off TV drama, The Wedding Party by BBC Choice. Her stage play Other was […]

About the writer
About the Play

First Performance 25 April 2002

Riverside Studios

Derby Playhouse

Leicester Haymarkert & UK Tour

Cast I Creatives I Crew

Cast and Crew

Siddiqua Akhtar, Imran Ali, Pooja Ghai, Kaleem Janjua
Caroline Ward
David Blight
Lighting Designer
Douglas Kuhrt
Movement Director
Victoria Worsley
Troy Banarzi
Craig Pruess
Assistant Director
Ben Gove

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