by Sharon Raizada

Autumn 2017

London | Birmingham

Sleepless and sexless 
Seductions and success 
Can Ali and Rob survive it all?

Ali is a new mum, loving wife and successful hair stylist. Two years after her son’s birth, things aren’t going to plan. She is stuck in a shabby local salon trying to make ends meet. Husband Rob is so intent on making it as an artist, he barely notices.

Their luck seems to change when glamorous Shoreditch gallery owners Suzanne and Nirjay launch Rob’s career. But what are they really after?

★★★ …an interesting play which raises some fascinating questions about how relationships really work.
– londontheatre1

BITCHED’ takes a witty, unflinching look at our lives as we try to negotiate the stresses of 21st century work, sex and kids…
-Broadway World

Writer Sharon Raizada

Sharon Raizada is a writer, script editor and teacher based in London. Her plays include Bitched (Tristan Bates Theatre), Black i (Oval House Theatre), After (Hampstead Theatre) and Lady Play (BBC Radio 4). Her work for television includes Apple Tree House (CBeebies) and Emmerdale (ITV). She is a graduate of the Royal Court Studio Group and has produced award-winning shorts.  Carries Raizada’s trademark fieriness, physicality and shining satire – Asian Voice on Bitched.

About the writer
About the Play

an interesting play which raises some fascinating questions about how relationships really work…

Raizada gives us some sharp insider views of the emotional tugs-of-war that go on between married couples. Director Juliet Knight works wonders in the Tristan Bates small studio space

definitely a play worth going to see

Carries Raizada’s trademark fieriness, physicality and shining satire

Asian Voice

The dynamic shifts of emotion by Shireen Farkoy (Ali) were excellent, truly believable

BBC Radio 2

Really funny in parts, very relatable and really well acted

Audience Feedback

really interesting themes on class and how that interacts with marriage, relationships and parenthood

Audience Feedback

a brilliant bit of writing. Very compelling characters and very well staged

Audience Feedback

Tristan Bates Theatre
1A Tower St  London WC2H 9NP

Running time Approx 1hr 30mins No interval


25 October —11 November 2017
Wed- Sat 

Matinee Sat 28 October
BSL Sign Interpreted on Wed 1 Nov
Sign Interpreter Jacqui Beckford


Thursday 2nd November
Post show discussion with guest speakers including Rebecca Asher, author of Shattered: Modern Motherhood and Shaminder Nahal, Channel 4 Commissioner of Arts and Topical Programmes.

Cast | Creatives | Crew

Cast and Crew

Shireen Farkhoy, Darren Douglas, Viss Elliot Safavi, Robert Mountford
Juliet Knight
Naomi Kuyck-Cohen
Lighting Designer
Jai Morjaria
Sound Designer
Rebecca Smith
Associate Director
Sita Thomas
Production Manager
Chris Firth
Stage Manager
Charlotte R L Cooper

Interview with Sharon Raizada

As the gender pay gap runs rampant in the UK and the #BBCWomen demand urgent action to ‘rectify injustices’ following the BBC pay row in September, BITCHED looks at the endemic sexist structures of society through Ali’s struggle to get back to work at an appropriate level following having a child.

BITCHED asks how much are you prepared to give up for the perfect work-life balance? Your friends? Your career? Your husband? And is it worth the sacrifice

Inspired by my own shock at becoming a mum, I want to look at the desires and tribulations of modern women through the polar opposites of Ali and Suzanne. BITCHED takes a witty, unflinchinglook at our lives as we try to negotiate the stresses of 21st century work, sex and kids – asking is it an impossible task? Or does something have to give? Can a woman really have it all?”  Sharon Raizada

Bitched is an exploration of two couples navigating the challenges and stresses of family life. According to the Modern Families Index 2017 “47% of families think that over the last two years it has become financially more difficult to raise a family. Parents are clear: family is the most important thing to them, but the twin currencies of time and money they need for their families to thrive are not available. Only one in five families feel they are getting it right”.

The Index shows that for many, work absorbs a large proportion of their time, and that this is not always a positive choice. Sharon Raizada’s fresh new play offers a much needed voice asking why parents struggle to fulfil their own needs and what is the cost? Why does having children and raising a family in a partnership seem to offer little value or financial reward for the stay at home parent? And what role do our employers and policy makers have in setting up a healthy home and work life balance?

Interview with Kali Artistic Director Helena Bell

‘Bitched’ and Kali Talkback – six new performances to hit West End


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