Kali Autumn Solos

Following the success of our Spring and Summer SOLOS, we have now launched our Autumn series.

To mark the end of Black History Month we have released Cheek to Cheek.

Featuring a British South Asian woman as she prepares to join a Black Lives Matter march, this SOLO gives an honest and unflinching insight into racial hierarchy, privilege and anti-blackness through the lens of interracial relationships and family ties.

Writer: Sharmila Chauhan

Performed by: Shalini Peiris

Director: Natasha Kathi-Chandra

Our next SOLO is Educating Britain by Alia Bano.

Humorous and poignant, Educating Britain takes a no holds barred look at the realities of modern-day teaching, its challenges, and its restrictions within a system where teachers are expected to do more than teach.

Writer: Alia Bano

Performed by: Mariam Haque

Director: Helena Bell

Me and Ed explores the significance of a statue being torn down by Black Lives Matter demonstrators through the eyes of an Indo-Caribbean woman.

Skilfully told through childhood memories and adult realisations, the statue becomes more than just a physical attribute of the environment, but a reminder of the cultural and racial prejudices experienced by a member of the Bristol community it presides over.

Writer: Atiha Sen Gupta

Performed by: Komal Amin

Director: Helena Bell


Combining humour and adolescent honesty, Social Distancing explores the growing pains of childhood friendships and teenage tiffs, and how the need to fit in with the cool kids often comes at a price.


Writer: Emteaz Hussain

Performed by: Ashna Rabheru

Director: Helena Bell


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