Ready or Not

by Naylah Ahmed

April - May 2017

Regret and loss collide with fear and paranoia in a distorted reality fed by 24 hour global newsfeeds, blogs and chat rooms.

Ready Or Not was a response to the distortions and constant media feeding created by the so called war on terror. ‘In the 16 years since 9/11, so much has changed; paranoia has grown, the ‘us’ and ‘them’ rhetoric gathers pace, and 24/7 news coverage in the post-truth era now provides a soundtrack to our lives. The war on terror has left countries and peoples ravished with untold numbers of non-combatants killed – untold because they’re uncounted. Ready or Not explores these themes in a domestic setting where three characters deal with their own personal battles within this wider global context.’

– Naylah Ahmed

★★★★“Ready Or Not is a thought-provoking political thriller that questions our concepts of war and terror. ”

★★★ “Ahmed has packed this play with ideas not just about the clash of civilizations but about motherhood, guilt, teaching and more.”
Everything Theatre


Joan Blackham received a nomination for Best Female In A Play from the Offies (the Off West End Theatre Awards)

Writer Naylah Ahmed

Naylah is an established writer for theatre, radio and TV. Prior to her playwriting and screenwriting career she was a radio drama producer with extensive experience of developing writers, ideas and story across radio, theatre and television. She was the first Development Producer for BBC Radio Drama Birmingham and founding Script Editor on the award […]

About the writer
About the Play

…an ambitious black comedy which thrives in its darker moments… Joan Blackham is superb

The Independent

an intelligent script…

Ahmed’s neat inversion of terrorist tropes is inspired.

Fringe Review – Recommended Show

Naylah Ahmed hauntingly encapsulates the fear inherent within the UK.

Theatre Full Stop

Naylah Ahmed has packed this play with ideas not just about the clash of civilizations but about motherhood, guilt, teaching and more.

Everything Theatre
Dates and Venue Info


MAC – Midlands Arts Centre
5 – 6 April 2017


The Marlowe Studio
7 – 8 April 2017


Arcola Theatre
11-29 April 2017


Plymouth Drum
16 – 20 May 2017

Cast and Crew

Cast and Crew

Joan Blackham, Adam Karim & Natasha Rickman
Helena Bell
Sophia Lovell Smith Based on initial design ideas by Rajha Shakiry
Katharine Williams
Daniel Denton
Chris Drohan
Fight Director
Philip d'Orléans

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