Kali Winter SOLOS

Following the success of our Spring, Summer and Autumn SOLOS, we have now launched our Winter series.

In the aftermath of a sudden heartbreak and betrayal, a young woman wrestles with her conscience. Combining bleak humour and raw honesty, Exposed explores how the desire for love and connection often comes at a cost.

Writer: Martha Pothen
Performer: Sheena Bhattessa
Director: Natasha Kathi-Chandra
Produced by Kali Theatre


Watch Mum-Bai!

Amelia is out of work, out of money and almost out of options.

Fortunately, Amelia’s best friends are on hand to help steer her in the right direction…or will they?

Mixing playful humour and quick-witted dialogue, Mum-Bai! captures the anticipation and anxiety! that comes with making life decisions.


Writer: Shelley Silas
Performer: Stephanie Street
Director: Helena Bell
Produced by Kali Theatre


Farmer Jhansi Kaur is living on the edge of loss: of her family, her livelihood, and her agricultural ancestry. Her courage is all she has left. Set amidst the roar of the farmers’ protests in India, Kisan examines how defiant resilience can yield community.

Performer: Goldy Notay
Written by Satinder Chohan

Directed by Poonam Brah

Produced by Kali Theatre



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